As I mentioned last week, the beginning of another school year is an opportunity to get organized – to get back to a more structured schedule. And our house THRIVES on structure!

I’ve always believed an organized home, office and mind can improve your happiness, your relationships and your life. Here are some ways it can improve your physical and mental health as well.

For students just getting back to school, having an organized routine can be critical to success, and it makes the role of caregiver even easier! For example, creating good homework habits early in the school year can ease some of the difficulties faced by students with a learning difference. Here are some excellent strategies to consider to help your child achieve homework success.

And don’t forget the power of repetition in our routines. I remember sending our kids off on the bus to elementary school every day (it was a LONG time ago!) I would take my young son’s face in my hands and remind him to essentially “keep it together.” These were daily reminders to listen, be respectful, be kind and, above all, to FOCUS. He has a learning difference, and I hoped these morning reminders would help him.

Good sleep habits also are important, but getting enough sleep can be a challenge for those with mental illness, as well as their caregivers. If your loved one is taking medication, it can keep them awake, or it can make them sleepy at the wrong times. Sometimes, their brains can be on “overload” and it can be hard to quiet their minds. Organized routines and schedules can help them understand when to be active, and when to sleep.

Establishing routines can be critical to transitions such as back-to-school, as well as our continued daily success. Knowing what to expect next can reduce the natural fear and anxiety we have about any kind of change.

All the best as you get organized during the transition from summer to fall!


Kristi Horner
Founder and Executive Director