As we watch the days getting shorter and think of the busy months ahead, we’re reminded that summer is quickly coming to a close. I hope you’ve had a chance to take some time this summer to relax, have some fun, shed some stress, and maybe do something new and different.

I know firsthand when you are either dealing with mental health challenges yourself, or supporting someone you love with challenges, just thinking about a vacation can be difficult. I’ve just returned from a family vacation, and while I’m still coping with some chronic pain which definitely limited my ability to enjoy every aspect of our trip, I was thrilled to have my three young adult ‘kids’ with us and the dogs that accompany them! I was planted on the deck with a good book watching all the chaos and activity around me. Sometimes you just need to find a new ‘normal’.

Just like getting enough sleep is necessary for the daily rejuvenation of our minds and bodies, getting away on vacation, even just for a day or two, also can provide significant benefits. It might be a chance to spend some precious quality time with loved ones, or perhaps take a break from our daily responsibilities. Just getting away from your routine for a short time can be an important part of putting on your self-care oxygen mask.

Fortunately, in Ohio, we have numerous “staycation” opportunities for quick, memorable and stress-free getaways that cover a wide range of interests and activities. From hiking through one of our state’s many scenic parks, to taking a tour of area wineries, to shopping in Amish country, to sailing on the lake, we don’t have to go far or spend much money to get away from it all.

Here are a couple of lists of weekend getaways and day trips that are fun and close by. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity in the next few weeks while the weather is still nice to take advantage of some of them. Better yet, live in Cleveland and looking for something free for a day excursion? Here are the top ten FREE things to do in our area.

Do you have a favorite day-trip destination? If so, send me an email. I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do in Ohio!

Take care,


Kristi Horner
Founder and Executive Director