Our team has been having a bit of a celebration over the last few weeks ..
We launched Courage to Caregivers just over a year ago. (I can’t believe how fast it has gone!)
Over the last year, what I have seen is people just like you learning how to improve their own self-care as they offer support to their loved one who is living with a mental health issue. 
You might think you are the only one, but you aren’t.
Roughly 20% of adults – that’s 43.8 million Americans – will face a challenge with mental illness in any given year. 
If you lined up ten people that you know, it is likely that two of them could be struggling. . .
If it is someone in your family then you probably did what I did when my brother became suicidal.  I stepped up.  You and me and 8.4 million American adults offer care to a mental health patient in need.
Here’s the reality. . .
Supporting someone with mental or emotional health issues can be challenging and tiring.  I understand how you feel.  Four in ten caregivers say they find it difficult to take care of their own health while they are busy taking care of everyone around them. 
I realized that there were lots of programs that help those that are living with mental illness, but there was little effective help for caregivers.
So, a year ago, I launched Courage to Caregivers to help you take better care of yourself while you are providing support to your loved one.
Seeing our support help caregivers is what we are celebrating.  Won’t you join us?
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Talk soon,


Kristi Horner
Founder and Executive Director