On a regular day in June of 2010, I got a call from my little brother.

He wanted to end his life. 

While at that moment I didn’t know how to support someone who was suicidal, I did know enough as a loving big sister to listen – really listen – and ask if he could hold on until I could get to him.

I dropped everything, booked the next flight and spent the next two weeks with him and his family trying to help create a care plan, desperately wanting him to be safe.

That day started a four year, across-the-country journey that changed not just his life, but mine as well. 

I felt emotionally drained from the support he needed, confused by all the information (and misinformation) we had and ultimately very much alone.

I thought he was making progress. . .

Then, on May 30, 2014, I received a very different call. It wasn’t my brother calling, it was a detective. My brother had ended his life.

If you are feeling lost, drained, confused – we all know the swirl of emotions that comes from being a caregiver – then please know I understand just how you feel.

Finding that path where you can help your loved one AND help yourself is the reason that Courage to Caregivers was born.

I started this organization with the idea that you need to put on your own oxygen mask first – BEFORE you can help someone you love deal with their issues.

The reality is that you can't give your loved one the level of support that you might want to if you don't prioritize your own self-care. It’s like trying to give from an empty cup. There are a few drops left, but not much extra to give. . .

And that’s what Courage to Caregivers is all about. . .

We offer programs for caregivers and opportunities for people to volunteer.

Does that sound like you? 

If it does, then reply to this email – it is going to come directly to me – and let’s see how I can support you or how you can get involved. 

It’s that simple.

Reply now.

Talk soon,


Kristi Horner
Founder and Executive Director