How do you live in PEACE? For me, it takes real intention to live in peace. Focus, time management, prioritization, deep breathing and plenty of patience.
Peaceful surroundings also help. Have you ever noticed how important your home environment is to your overall feeling of peace? Something as simple as choosing the right colors for your walls and floors can help soothe you and make your home a pleasant retreat.
Here are some great ideas to help you create a peaceful home. As the author notes: “When looking for ways to manage stress, people often overlook one of the simplest and most effective strategies: create a peaceful home. Because most of our days begin and end at home, having a peaceful home as your base can help you launch yourself into the world from a less-stressed place each day.”
The “five elements of a peaceful home” incorporate all of the senses:

  • Pare down, organize and decorate – eliminating clutter can help you feel better.

  • Create a space dedicated to stress relief activities – this will help motivate you to make stress relief a habit in your daily life.

  • Factor in a little “feng shui” – this will make stress-relieving elements an integral part of your décor.

  • Try some aromatherapy – research shows that certain scents provide stress-relieving benefits.

  • Add some soothing background music – sound can also be an important element contributing to your home’s peaceful ambience.

Of course, none of these efforts will help much if you surround yourself with “toxic” people or participate in activities that add chaos rather than bringing peace to your life. Sometimes, creating a peaceful atmosphere at home can mean taking greater control, challenging the status quo, and making positive changes in our lives.
Living peacefully, just like any other part of self-care, is an ongoing effort.