I’ve always tried to be a lifelong learner, with a sincere desire to take advantage of every opportunity to learn a new skill, understand new ways of doing things and add to my toolbox.

One of the best things about lifelong learning is that it’s a journey that never ends. Even experts can learn something new every day. No person can know everything there is to know about any subject, and we are all constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes we discover new things through our own efforts, but more often it’s others who provide us with a new piece of information or a different perspective that causes us to change our outlook on the world.

We may not realize it, but we’re constantly learning every day. Every time we get a new smart phone, computer or other technology device, there’s a learning curve. At work, we often have to master new tasks to do the job better and more efficiently. And when it comes to self-care, we’re always discovering new information and mastering new skills that can help us reduce our stress and be healthier.

Our commitment to lifelong learning benefits our loved ones, as well. Caregivers become experts over time by gaining more and more knowledge about the illness affecting our loved ones. We do this because we want a better understanding of the symptoms, triggers, treatments and desired outcomes so we will be better equipped as caregivers.

I’m proud to say that I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve encountered as we have worked to get Courage to Caregivers up and running. This has helped me gain skills I might never have attained, and I thank all of YOU for that.

Keep learning!