Check out this blog from Julia about her journey of caring for her husband with cancer. She sums it up perfectly as a caregiver when she says, “… discipline and regularity are required for us to give our bodies the food, rest, and exercise they need, while guarding against toxins, exhaustion, and excessive or unwanted weight gain or other stressors.”

In recent weeks, we’ve covered how hard it is for caregivers to look after their own physical and mental health by getting the right kind of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. You may have noticed that I use the word “hard” a lot. Taking care of our loved ones, and ourselves, is hard.

As a caregiver myself, I’ve been to the point where I needed to make significant changes in my life to keep myself healthy. I know just how hard it is to make a change, but I also know that you never get anywhere without taking that first step.

What I’m asking is that you, too, take the first step in prioritizing YOUR health and well-being … the first step to saying “I matter, and I’m worth it” … the first step in your journey toward wholeness and wellness.

But while the first step may be yours, a good support network can help you continue down the path. Being a caregiver can become isolating, so connections are important, and Courage to Caregivers is here to provide connections that will help support you on your journey.

As Julia notes above, taking care of your garden – and the gardener – requires discipline and regularity, but the benefits are worth it. We can’t change the past, but we CAN improve the future.

What small step can you take today to improve your future?